Riverbank Restoration

Parsons & Sons can create bespoke hurdles for use in restoring riverbanks and as erosion protection for land or gardens...

Handcrafted wattle hurdle specialists

Wattle hurdles can be made from hazel for both practical and decorative purposes. If you are seeking a natural looking fencing...

Hedge Laying specialists

Hedges have been part of the British landscape for centuries. Originally, the purpose of laying a hedge was to keep livestock in fields...



The UK’s leading traditional wattle fencing and hurdles specialist

Hurdle making is the traditional rural craft of making woven wattle fences (commonly known as wattle hurdles) often out of hazel withies. Wattle fencing has been used for many different purposes over the years, from animal enclosures to the walls of houses using wattle and daub. The almost forgotten skill of handcrafted hazel hurdle making has been passed down from father to son in the Parsons family over five generations, ensuring that none of the specialist techniques, secrets or pride in the craft have been lost.

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