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Hedges have been part of the British landscape for centuries. Originally, the purpose of laying a hedge was to keep livestock in fields but have also become an important haven for wildlife. Hedgerow management including hedge laying helps to maintain and preserve this part of the countryside for future generations.

Hedge Laying is a traditional way of stock proofing land to ensure the secure fencing of any livestock.

Barbed wire has been used as a cheaper alternative in recent years and has led to the neglect of hedgerows and resulted in the reduction of wildlife species living within them.

Hedge-LayingAHedge Laying and the environment

Once a hedge has been laid it lets in light, encouraging new growth from the bottom of the hedge and also shoots from the top. This process in-turn attracts beetles, bugs, shrews, voles and birds back to an ecosystem.

Planting hedges encourages the regeneration of mature hedges producing new growth whilst establishing a more dense and secure boundary to a field or garden. Well laid hedges can last indefinitely, providing a healthy hedge, prolonging the usefulness of the plants and creating a more effective boundary and wildlife haven.

Hedge laying is a task carried out during the winter months when plants are dormant, and is carried out by cutting plants at the base of the main stem creating ‘pleachers’ and then bending these pleachers over and weaving them in with the others in the row. When laying a hedge, hazel stakes are often used to hold the laid hedge in place. When the spring comes new growth will grow up vertically, filling all the gaps in the hedge and creating an unescapable barrier.

Wattle hurdles are sometimes used in hedge laying and can be used to start a new hedge while the plants are still young and require protection.

Parsons & Sons are experienced in hedge laying and hedge conservation and can also advise on all aspects of hedgerow management. A good laid hedge will give many years service as a solid barrier to fields, as well as providing a beneficial haven for wildlife, something Parsons & Sons feel is of paramount importance.

Parsons & Sons pride themselves on rejuvenating neglected hedgerows in gardens, farms, roadsides and parks.

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