Riverbank Restoration

Parsons & Sons can create bespoke hurdles for use in restoring riverbanks and as erosion protection for land or gardens that back onto rivers. The fence-like construction forms a barrier between the riverbank and the water.

A recent riverbank restoration project in Wiltshire

Land can be lost at an alarming rate as a result of riverbank erosion, and conservation is key. Erosion can be reduced by building a barrier. Riverbank restoration also works by protecting the waterway from collapsing banks. Hazel spiling is also extremely natural looking and creates an attractive and new habitat for wildlife. River restoration in this manner allows silty material to build up around the barrier creating a new place for vegetation to grow and strengthening the riverbank.

Vegetation is an important part of a riverbank’s eco system. It stabilises the banks by using its roots to hold on to bank material, keeping it together and making erosion harder. Riverbank restoration in this fashion will last forever, especially if the hazel is alive. This gives the native riverbank growth a chance to build up again and prevents erosion and pollution of the waterway. Parsons & Sons are experts in river restoration and are more than happy to advise you on any riverbank conservation project.

Caring and considering the environment is a meaningful message that has been close to the hearts of each of the five generations of the Parsons family.

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