Robust and reliable protection with bespoke riverbank restoration

As we all know, the British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times…

We are no strangers to rain and flooding and have been hit by these sorts of weather conditions for years.

Riverbanks are under constant erosion due to a combination of constant erosion due to weather conditions and general wear from water flow.

That is why we must protect our riverbanks and gardens from the potential damage which can be caused by unexpected flooding.

What we do

It is our passion as wattle hurdles specialists to create fully bespoke hurdles to help restore riverbanks and to act as reliable and robust protection for land or gardens which back on to rivers.

Conservation is key and is constantly at the heart of what we do. Effective riverbank restoration allows silty material to build up around the barrier, creating a new place for vegetation to grow and strengthening the riverbank.



With effective riverbank restoration, you are also aiding the on-going protection of the many species of wildlife.

From Kingfishers to Herons, Moorhens to Coots, our riverbanks are home to a broad range of birds and other wildlife which require constant protection as we carry out our intricate craft.

Otters, native fish, insects and the endangered water vole are also species needing constant consideration as we carry out our day-to-day work.

Our care and consideration for the surrounding wildlife and nature doesn’t go unnoticed, with a number of our satisfied clients commenting upon the intricate nature of our work, and the care in which we conduct ourselves to protect these precious species of wildlife:

We have created a small woodland garden at the back of our home and wanted a traditional length of fence. Many animals and birds visit our garden every day, it was essential that our choice was both sympathetic and wildlife friendly and we were impressed by Parsons & Son’s website.

“From order to delivery was just 3 weeks & Neil has made us hurdles which are strong, robust and look beautiful. They have created a natural harmonious boundary to the garden. We are delighted & recommend Neil & his superb craftsmanship unreservedly. Thank you,” said Ian and Claire McDonald from Winterslow.

Recent projects

We have recently completely a trial on behalf of Thames Water on the River Cherwell at Banbury.

The purpose of the project was to enhance the riverbank following prolonged wet weather. We fulfilled the brief by installing hurdles and then back-filled the banks with top soil and planted the space with aquatic plants.

Over a four year period the hurdles will gradually disintegrate as the plants become established.

As the silt builds up the riverbank also becomes stronger and re-established.

For more information about riverbank restoration projects, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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