Handcrafted wattle hurdle specialists

Wattle hurdles can be made from hazel for both practical and decorative purposes. If you are seeking a natural looking fencing solution in your garden, a handcrafted and traditional wattle hurdle fence can tie-in perfectly with your plants and can even climb woven trellis tops.

A wattle hurdle can be used to protect young plants from wind along a newly planted hedge line.

There are numerous different styles of hurdle fencing which Parsons & Sons can create, from wattle hurdles with an open appearance, to the close basket-like weave offered by gate hurdles. Parsons & Sons can create a number of different styles and looks to compliment your space and fulfil your specific requirements. 

A wattle hurdle is made using traditional bill hooks and chainsaws by weaving coppiced hazel around upright poles. If woven tight enough, hurdles have a particularly long life, lasting 8-10 years if untreated and more than twelve years if treated.

Hazel withies are usually coppiced around November during the tree’s dormant time. Due to their supple qualities, these trees are ideal for weaving.

Wattle hurdles offer a far more attractive alternative to traditional fencing and screening.



A wattle hurdles project in Wiltshire

Parsons & Sons pride themselves on their traditional wattle hurdles